2nd publication exmained

Note: This is not a full review but rather a quicker analysis to see if this publication is suitable enough for the assignment

Publication title:

User acceptance of information technology: system characteristics, user perceptions and behavioral impacts



Fred D. Davis

Fred D. Davis published this paper at University of Michigan which is a fairly high ranking university for this field of study. Research on him shows he has done further work in his field.

From the abstract i got the following information very easily:

What is the research topic?

Factors affecting user acceptance of information systems (IS)

What did the authors do?

Examined previous literature and studies about the subject, formed a theory and produced models which were then tested against a real group of people in an organization to form conclusions.


What they discovered

Perceived usefulness was almost 50% more influential than ease of use in determining user acceptance of new IS

IE people adopted an IS if they thought it would lead to some sort of gain or benefit

Designers who focus on ease of use should potentially focus more on usefulness of a system.


Read the introduction to get the big picture of the area of research, note any words that you don’t understand and look them up. Try to identify from the introduction what ‘research question(s)’ was that the authors were hoping to answer.

There wasn’t any words in the introduction that most people would have to research.

It’s very clear what they’re going to be looking at at in the intro and these are the questions i’ve gathered:


Read the conclusion. If this is well written it will be another summary of the paper (a bit like the abstract) but it will focus more on the results and what they seem to mean.

the conclusion is well written and draws from the findings of the research and survey results.



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