Finding the right research topic

This is a good time for me to think about alternative ideas for next semester. For this RES701 assignment though, research proposols, research-project proposols, and project proposals are the ones that fit the marking best.

Choosing a topic for a potentially 450 hour assignment is not a decision to take lightly. I will be looking at an area that’s interesting and would increase my employment chances. Luckily i am interested in Cloud, Security, Virtualization which are all applicable to my ideal career path.

Activity 1

The IT area/subject i have most enjoyed

The IT area/subject i least enjoyed is
The more complicated levels of software dev -coding with unity,db,c#,etc all in one project making things complicated on many levels. Although i didn’t fail i still found i could not understand everything in the short time.

The IT area/subject i am most interested in

I chose to study IT because
Living situation -could stay home, still paying some but getting a good deal as opposed to paying full rent/providing fully for self
Course costs – Good deal for me
Interests with IT – Previous computer experience and knowledge of the different areas of IT was exciting
Pay bracket – Wanting a skillset to put me above typical mcdonalds/slave labour type jobs
Saw it as a very versatile degree/area – I knew that even if i got bored halfway through, could still finish it and it would still be a + in many types of jobs compared to say a biology or arts degree
If i couldn’t study IT i would study

Some sort of training to do with law enforcement, or probably a role in the army that could be applied outside i.e a trade

when i was a kid i wanted to be
Law enforcement,military

One IT thing i would like to know more about?


Activity 2

Broad Research/Project Interest Area


Virtualization Technology


Description of area of IT that interests you

Virtualization technology interests me because it’s something not many people know about yet it’s key to making many of the apps/websites/web services available to us at an acceptable price. It allows hosting providers to utilize their hardware most efficiently to reduce consumer costs, Sys admins to roll out new features on disposable replica systems, app developers to test their apps multi-platform easily, and a whole range of other uses.


Why is it interesting to you

I am fascinated by the idea of a large data center being operated at lower overall costs because it’s all centralized – providing resources to a business that would otherwise incur much higher costs operating the hardware themselves. This is just as much a cloud thing as virtualization, but there’s also other virtualization uses that interest me such as testing – being able to deploy a mobile OS in minutes on the same machine you’re coding on and then testing it – using a virtual network environment on the side in a sys admin job to deploy things pre-rollout to see if they won’t mess up the whole network.


Three things you know about it

Many different types i.e network virtualization, basic desktop virtualization(vmware workstation), storage virtualization


Three things you believe about it


– I believe that while there’s often a small performance drop using virtualization, it is still the most cost effective thing for a number of situations

– I believe some – or all – types of virtualization still have limitations. I.e. i was able to test my SDV game in a virtual android environment on my PC but when i tried to do other things

on the VM – including researching how – i found it was quite limited in some ways

-I believe many businesses may benefit from services that use virtualization, but have yet to adopt virtualization technology themselves


Three things you don’t know about it

Although i’ve done many assignments using virtualization and know a fair few uses for it, i’m still interested to see just how much certain types of virtualization have changed businesses in terms of efficiency and costs.


I also need to explore more types of virtualization and the situations they can be applied to i.e. storage,network,etc as opposed to just desktop virtualization which i frequently take advantage of

I would like to look into how efficient the different types of virtualization are – what is the loss in performance using X type of virtualization for X purpose?


Find an online resource about it – (post url)



Construct 10 (interesting!) questions about your topic


Right now i need more research on the topic to create good questions, i’m also not 100% familiar on what makes a good research question so i’ll have to go back and change these later.


  • What are the limitations of hardware virtualization?
  • What are the different types of virtualization and how are they utilized?
  • How has virtualization changed small-medium sized businesses in the past X years?
  • In what ways have small-medium sized businesses used virtualization to increase efficiency?
  • How has virtualization technology affected application development in the past x years?
  • What kinds of virtualization techniques can positively impact disaster recovery for businesses?
  • What are the challenges in adopting Virtualization technology for small businesses?

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