Ethical Considerations

This lesson we had to learn about ethical considerations and consider them for our research proposal topics. There are a number of templates NMIT provides which need to be handed in along with your proposal depending on what type of research you will be doing:

  • Research ethics application
  • Consent for interviews-focus groups
  • Survey template

Ethical considerations need to be made to protect the researcher and their org i.e. NMIT. Some of the considerations include:

  • Disclosure agreements
  • Informed consent – are the participants ‘vulnerable participants’ i.e. children? in this case there are extra hurdles to getting ethical consent
  • Voluntary participation – can people quit the study at any time and will the research still be able to go ahead if this happens?
  • Consideration of research implications i.e health and well being of participants
  • Privacy considerations/agreements

There are a lot of scenarios where you would need to make considerations/get extra approval, but my research topic doesn’t require many ethical considerations. I will still be filling out the forms to because they need to be approved.


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