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Potential research topic – Blockchain

As somebody who has used Bitcoin and researched some of the different types of coins, i am interested in researching Blockchain technology to see if it is appropriate for a research project.

Knowing very little about Blockchain, i found wikipedia as well as these videos quite good to get the basic ideas about Blockchain. This will help me interpret the technical content of academic papers on Blockchain.


Blockchain was invented along with Bitcoin by an unknown person (or group), Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a distributed database used to maintain an expanding set of records (blocks). The most widely used implementations function within a peer-to-peer network made on the same protocol to validate new blocks. Blockchain technology allows transactions to be recorded between two parties securely and in a verifiable way which is why Blockchain is considered superior than previous technologies for digital transactions.

Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics





Doing a paper on Blockchain would require a lot more research than can be fit in before my RES701 proposal is due. There are a lot of good papers on Blockchain which i’ve glossed over but it is a subject which i’m not comfortable enough to pursue with my starting knowledge. Topics like Virtualization, Cloud computing, would be better for a research project due to my current level knowledge on those topics.